KSB 50-40 Mortar Pump - ຈີນ Henan Coal ຄົ້ນຄ້ວາ Kemee ກົນ
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KSB 50-40 Mortar Pump


KSB Mortar Pump Technical Parameters:  Model KSB50/4 KSB100/4 Capacity 50L/min 100L/min Max. Pressure 4MPa (40bar, 580psi) 4MPa (40bar, 580psi) Cylinder Dia. 90mm 90mm Inlet Dia. 75mm 38mm Outlet Dia. 75mm 38mm Motor Power 7.5kw 7.5kw Dimensions (LxWxH) 1610x1024x900mm 1610 *1024* 900mm Weight 300kg 350kg  Features: 1.Small size, light weight, convenient movement. 2.Compact structure, stable performance, high efficiency, low failure rate. 3.Easy operation and maintenance...


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K SB Mortar Pump
Parameters Technical: 

Model KSB50 / 4 KSB100 / 4
ຄວາມອາດສາມາດ 50L / min 100L / ນາທີ
ສູງສຸດທີ່ເຄຍ. ຄວາມກົດດັນ 4MPa (40bar, 580psi) 4MPa (40bar, 580psi)
ຮູບຊົງກະບອກ Dia. 90mm 90mm
inlet Dia. 75mm 38mm
Outlet Dia. 75mm 38mm
ກໍາລັງມໍເຕີ 7.5kw 7.5kw
ຂະຫນາດ (LxWxH) 1610x1024x900mm 1610 * 1024 * 900mm
ນ້ໍາຫນັກ 300KG 350kg

ຂະຫນາດ 1.Small, ນ້ໍາຫນັກແສງສະຫວ່າງ, ການເຄື່ອນໄຫວສະດວກ.
ໂຄງສ້າງ 2.Compact, ປະສິດທິພາບຫມັ້ນຄົງ, ປະສິດທິພາບສູງ, ອັດຕາການພາດແຕກຕໍ່າ.
ປະຕິບັດງານ 3.Easy ແລະບໍາລຸງຮັກສາອາຍຸການໃຊ້ຍາວ.
1.KSB Series mortar pump is used for mortar delivery, fundamental grouting and mending, grout reinforcement of dam, bridge, culvert and tunnel, and delivery of slurry materials, magnetic materials, or other materials.
2.It can also be used for wall plastering equipped with spraying gun and compressed air. 
3.It is widely applied in construction engineering, metallurgical industry, chemical industry, infrastructure construction, and national defense engineering etc.
Suggestion: Cement-sand ratio≥1:3

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