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SDB bomba manual

Descrición curta:

SDB Manual Pump  Technical Parameters:  Model SDB Manual pump Capacity 10 L/min Max. Pressure 1MPa Cylinder Dia. 110mm Piston Stroke 42mm Inlet Dia. 25/32mm Outlet Dia. 19/25mm Weight 40kg Dimensions 980x290x590mm  Features: 1.No electricity, small size, light weight, easy movement. 2.Simple structure, wearable parts, easy clean and maintenance.

Detalles do produto

Etiquetas de produtos

SDB manual de  bomba 
Parámetros técnicos: 

Modelo SDB bomba manual
capacidade 10 l / min
Max. presión 1MPa
Cilindro Día. 110 milímetros
curso do pistón 42 milímetros
Entrada Día. 25/32 mm
Toma Día. 19 / 25mm
peso 40 kg
dimensións 980x290x590mm

electricidade 1.No, pequeno tamaño, peso lixeiro, doado de movemento.
2.Simple structure, wearable parts, easy clean and maintenance.
3.Manual operación, de alta presión, a velocidade axustable e grouting fluxo.
1.The pump can be used to grout cement slurry, chemical pulp or other low-viscosity well-liquidity materials.
2.It is mainly used for grouting in mining well or other explosive underground projects; and  tunnel, mining roads or other harsh places with inconvenient power supply and traffic.

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